Rickenbacker vintage dating

This model was conceived as a reply to the ES 175, but its early Guild humbuckers give a strong and distinctive personality.Great jazz and blues guitar, all original including the frets. Figured ash body, two-tone sunburst finish, maple neck and bakelite parts.The body is dated March 1956, has a very deep contour which makes it light and comfortable.

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This white plastic guard is surely original and a bit warped but still in good shape, with the usual crack next to the neck pickup screws.

Custom color's rarity, light weight and sound make of this guitar a winner.

Excellent action, smooth and easy maple fretboard with frets in good condition.

Pickups have a loud output and are well balanced, and give the guitar a hot and clear sound. The guitar comes with its original black tolex hardshell case with Fender logo.

A super clean example of a late-70s Stratocaster in exceptionally fine conditions. It has a 1979 serial number and the grey-bottom pickups are dated 19, so the instrument must have been shipped early in 1980.

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